Tuesday Apr 06, 2021
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All the Snatches

Competition Class


Skills & Drills

Quarters Prep

A. 5 Rounds, each for time:
10 DBL DB Hang Squat Cleans (odd rounds) 10 DBL DB Front Squats (even rounds)
50 DUs
10 Strict HSPU 4/2

Rest 1:1
Load = 50s/35s

B. 1 Rope Climb
goal is to do as few pulls as possible & then refine mvmt from there

C.  4 x 4min AMRAP, rest 1min b/w
odds: Row 30/24 calories, amrap wall balls 20/14 w/ remaining time
evens: Match wall balls from previos round, AMRAP row Cals w/ remaining time
(score = 4 rounds of reps - wall balls, cals, wall balls, cals)12min EMOM



7min EMOM
High Hang Power Snatch
7min EMOM
Hang Power Snatch
7min EMOM
Power Snatch

In teams of 2:

10min AMRAP
P1: AMRAP MedBall Cluster 20/14
P2: Run 200m
Switch after each run
SCORE = total MB Clusters