Sunday Dec 13, 2020
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Fast and burny


For Time

200 Double Unders
150 sit-ups
100 alt DB Snatch 50/35

3 Rounds: 10 PVC Pass Through, 10 OHS, 10 Ring Rows, 10 Push Ups

5 reverse lunges with a twist each leg
5 worlds greatest each leg
1min (5s contract, 5s relax) child's pose on box
10 inchorm scorpions + 10 marching calves b/w each
5 pigeon to hip flexor each
10 alternating cossack squats

Metcon specific warm up
3 rounds
20 skips (progress to double unders or attempts in later rounds)
10 mountain climbers
6 alt db (deadlift rd1, db clean rd2, db snatch rd 3)


Intention is between 8-12 minutes, doing larger sets with breaks. Loading should be that snatches can be done in 6 sets or less. 


3 minute AMRAP of double unders or attempts or 25 attempts and singles to finish, REPS on sit ups and db to ensure ability to do 20+ reps unbroken on snatches