Nutrition Plan

small nutritional changes, big impact

Nutrition that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you're an athlete training for an upcoming competition, a parent trying to set a healthy example for your children, or a working professional trying to live your best life, your nutrition program should be individualized to you.

At Barracks Nutrition, we work directly with you, one-on-one, to create a program that fits your needs, schedule and lifestyle.

 There are two options for getting started.

 Option 1 - 8-Week Nutrition Challenge

 The challenge includes:

  • Initial consultation to assess needs

  • PhysioGraph body composition test at the beginning, middle, and end of the challenge 

  • Tailored nutrition program based on your goals, previous dieting history & lifestyle 

  • Bi-weekly email check-ins 

  • Bi-weekly group zoom educational calls + extra educational content 

  • Learn more here

Our next challenge starts the week in the fall Register here before it sells out.

Barracks Members: $294 for the 60 days

Non-Members: $394 for the 60 days


 Option 2 - One-on-One Personalized Nutrition Coaching

 Join our ongoing Barracks Nutrition Program. You can join this anytime. 

 The Barracks Nutrition Program includes:

  • Initial consultation call to assess needs 

  • Tailored nutrition program based on your goals, previous dieting history & lifestyle 

  • Weekly email check-ins

 *Option to add on monthly PhysioGraph body composition tests at a 75% discount

 Get started today! Click here to start making the change you deserve

Barracks Members: $189 per month 

Alumni Program: $125 per month (bi-weekly check-ins)


Non-Members: $225 per month

Alumni: $175 per month (bi-weekly check-ins)

 Note: 3-month minimum commitment required for one-on-one coaching

*Alumni program available after 3 month initial commitment 

Questions? Send Sara an email at for more details or click here to learn more about our philosophy. 


MORE ON THE PHYSIOGRAPH – our proprietary body composition & results tracking software! Amazing insight into your body!

By placing two electrodes on your foot and two on your hand our PhysioGraph software will show us exactly how many pounds of fat, muscle, fluid & bone you have.

More importantly, it will give us your BMR, or the number of calories your body burns at rest each day. This number is one way we begin the process of nutrition programming to help you reach your goal.

Here’s an Initial PhysioGraph measurement:

Initial PhysioGraph

After the initial measurement, nutrition program design and a little time we track your progress using the PhysioGraph. Each measurement after the first is graphed and illustrates how your body is changing.

PhysioGraph progress