Barracks Nutrition -- do it the right way

At Barracks Nutrition, we are passionate about helping you create sustainable, empowered and well-aligned lifestyle changes.

We believe that in order to truly make lasting change, you need to do more than just eat a certain way.

You need to shift your current perspectives, and develop the skills, habits and routines that will support your goals throughout the ebbs and flows of life. 

Not sure how to do that?

That’s where we come in.

As your coaches we’re here to help create the space and opportunity for you to pursue your ideal diet and lifestyle.

We’ll start by getting to know you, your goals, and what makes you tick.

We provide a comprehensive and completely individualized approach and will tailor your nutrition and our coaching to fit your needs.

We’ll help provide nutritional education to help you optimize your diet, whether you want to focus on performance, aesthetics or longevity.

We also recognize that our mindset is a crucial piece to the nutrition- puzzle and we’ll incorporate mindset work throughout the entire process.

Together, we’ll integrate small, sustainable changes to slowly push you just far enough outside your comfort zone that you’re able to grow.

We move at your pace, and view obstacles as opportunities for learning.

We want to empower you to take your nutrition and fitness into your own hands and elevate you to find the success you’re striving for. 

Through passion, integrity and dedication, we are here for you! We want to change the way you view food - it’s not just a way to gain or lose weight.

Instead, food and nutrition are at the foundation of our health, and we want to help you reach your goals, improve your relationship with food, and ensure that your nutrition is a supportive and sustainable part of your life.

Meet Your Coach:

"I believe that our nutrition & fitness provides a foundation for everything else in life - building physical and mental strength and self-confidence, while making us better and happier in our roles as spouses, partners, parents, employees and friends. Everything that we do with our nutrition & training is meant to improve our quality of life. My passion and goal with my clients is to help them learn to feel great about themselves while creating the happiest and strongest version of themselves, so they can truly experience life to the fullest."

Sara comes to us with an extensive background in nutrition and CrossFit. As a compliment to her extensive experience in nutrition coaching & competitive CrossFit, Sara is wrapping up her Master's of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance. Her formal education in nutrition sciences, psychology and behavior change paired with practical experience working with hundreds of clients & as an athlete, provides a solid base for creating tailored programs for your unique lifestyle and goals. 

More from Sara "Nutrition is more than just what we put in our mouths. It's emotional, it's social, and there's a ton of factors that influence it. Whatever is going on in your life, I want to know about it.

As a coach, I'll provide a space for you to open up about whatever barriers you're facing - mental or physical. I'll help point out your blind spots, define your highest self and hold you to showing up as her/him. We'll celebrate the shit outta your wins, and find strategies to navigate your obstacles.

Whether your goals are to improve your performance in the gym, feel confident with your body composition, improve your relationship with food, or just take your personal development to the next level - I cannot wait to educate, empower and work with you!"

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