Tuesday Sep 13, 2016
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Halloween & Some Testing

Competition Class


E3M9M & On a 20min Clock


9 Deadlift, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 9 Push Press

*you pick the load

*work to max

*cannot put the bar down during complex


On a 20min Clock:


Run 400m AFAP

rest remaining time


Run 1mile AFAP


Score =

1 - heaviest load in complex

2 - 400m time

3 - 1 mile time




15min EMOM

min1: 2 Rope Climbs (focus on limiting pulls & using legs as much as possible)

min2: 6-8 T2B strict or kipping depending on strength or skill needs

min3: 10m HS Walk (AFAP) or 30sec spotted HS Hold



3 Snatch @ 75% of 1RM

*not TnG

Coaches Notes




The Halloween Havoc Partner competition registration opens today @ 2pm. There are limited spots so be sure to set your alarm for 2pm!

Here’s a link for you to follow:

Halloween Havoc Registration

**Each team member must register individually**



October 29th
Partner Competition (MM or FF)
3 Workouts guaranteed + Final (top 4)
Prize for Best Team Costume
$150 incl. T-shirt (tank for ladies), food, drink & prizes


Workouts (these events are meant to be challenging but accessible – not HSPU, no MU, no HSW)

Event 1: Barbell Complex
Event 1a: Barbell (DL) & gymnastics couplet (burpees)
Event 2: Barbell (Snatch) & Box Jump couplet
Event 3:  Chipper involving Wall Balls, T2B (Rx = Sit-ups), Shoulder to Overhead, C2B (Rx = Pull-ups), Cleans & OH Lunges
Event 4 (FINAL): TBA (ps. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and it’s going to be epic)



– Eric Barber